Tiny tip! Shade alternate rows in Excel

Shading alternating rows in an Excel spreadsheet is a great way to enhance the readability of your data. If you've ever done this job by manually highlighting and shading cells, you know it's tedious and your careful formatting can easily get messed up when you edit, sort and filter your data. Here are two quick […]

Find matching values in Excel

Here's a technique to use when you have two versions of a list and need to find the differences between them based on some common unique data, like a student number or employee number. We'll use the MATCH function in a specific way to quickly identify the items that DON'T match. We have two lists […]

tiny tip! Move cells in Excel

In Excel 2010, you can easily move the contents of selected cells without cutting and pasting. You can move a single cell, or select a large block of cells and move them all at once. First, select the cell(s) you want to move and point to the solid part of the selection border (not the […]